Window films complement commercial building and remodeling projects perfectly. Performing the double duty of security with temperature control, commercial window tinting can save cost and increase safety and security in your Omaha commercial building.

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Energy Saving Film

Business owners know the importance of saving energy in their office or warehouse buildings. Whether your business has green initiatives in place or not, saving energy means saving money and adding to your bottom line. Adding energy-saving film to your building’s windows is a cost-effective and easy way to immediately improve your energy conservation.

Control the Sun​

Solar control window film is a micro-thin layer of polyester combined with minute particles of metal, coated with a durable, optically clear, scratch resistant coating.

Our films allow light to pass through windows while screening out heat and dangerous ultraviolet rays. ​

Primary Benefits

Reduce factors that contribute to fading, protecting your valuable interior finishes and furnishings. Control heat by adding as much as 92% more insulating power to your window glass. Reduce excess glare without changing the visual appearance of glass. Correct temperature imbalances, reducing energy costs year-round.

Commercial Window Film Installation

Safety and Security Film

Applying window film to your commercial building’s windows adds many layers of safety. Safety film is designed to protect against accidental breakage or cracking. Once impacted, the glass holds in place instead of shattering and sending dangerous glass shards flying. Some types of film also make the glass much more difficult to break, potentially deterring potential intruders or vandals.

Mitigate damage and allow for security and peace of mind. Benefits of safety and security film include:

  • Help reduce the risks of injury associated with failed glass.
  • Hold shards of glass together in the event of failure of a glazing system.
  • Specialized applications can mitigate damage in the event of blast or violent acts of nature, such as wind storms and earthquakes, and limit damage to interior furnishings and valuable equipment.​​

**Llumar offers safety films meeting numerous certifications and test standards in the United States, Europe and around the world, including:​​​

  • ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat 1&2
  • General Services Administration (GSA) and Untied Facilities Criteria (UFC).
  • ASTM Large Missile Level C and Small Missile requirements.
  • Underwriters Laboratory UL972 Forced Entry requirements.
  • Factory Mutual FM Approvals 4350 Small Missile.
  • EN356, level P2A​​​​​​
Commercial Solar Tint

Decorative Film

In addition to energy-saving and safety-enhancing properties, window films can also be used to add visual interest and branding to your office windows. Signage can be a very expensive part of your marketing budget, but window film can often be applied for much less money (and is easy to change when you want a new look).

Enhance Visual Impact

  • Decorative films can transform any glazing into a design element.
  • Virtually endless design possibilities. ​
  • Cost-effective alternative to etched glass.
  • Easy to update and change.
  • Durable and easy to maintain.​​

Custom Corporate Imaging and Signage

  • Our fabulous selection of patterns and textures, combined with your creativity, allow for an array of color and design options.
  • Custom designs can be cut by hand or with our computer and plotter.
  • Decorative films can be used in multiple layers to create unique colors and patterns
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