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Window Film Installation

Not all window film, window tint, solar film and decorative window film installers are alike. Here at Mid-States performance window films we take care to ensure that our residential and commercial installers are factory trained and certified in installing all window films from the premier manufacturers of  LLumar/Vista including Enerlogic. Our installers will take great care to treat our customers and their homes with a great deal of professionalism and respect. Various window films use different adhesion techniques to ensure a clean bubble free installation, some require a mild detergent solution for best results, while others require a more viscous solution to achieve proper appearance on the applied windows. Knowing which one to use with what style of window film, solar film, window tint or decorative window  film is critical to an aesthetically pleasing installation.

Secondly, having the proper tools and equipment to measure cut and apply, window film, window tint, solar film or decorative film is essential. Residential and commercial window films come to the dealer in 48, 60 and 72 inch roll sizes. These goods are then cut to size for your window, on site. To get a square accurate cut, dealers must utilize a tool called a film handler. This device has a measuring unit and adjustable cutting blades for proper and accurate square cutting of window film. Many small dealers use box cutters when cutting their solar film, which are mounted in the cardboard of the window film box. Cutter blades are not stable and will allow the window tint to “waffle” in many cases resulting in non-linear cuts. Cutting this way may leave small light gaps along the edge of the residential or commercial window film, once applied.

Lastly, your film dealers should represent themselves with company attire and arrive and be supported by a well-stocked vehicle with various installation tools and drop cloths for underneath the windows where solar film is being applied.

Mid-states performance films offers all of these benefits. Don’t settle for less, call the professionals at Mid-states performance films.

Commercial Window Tinting Omaha Installation

Before Installation

Commercial Window Tinting Omaha Installation

After Installation