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Security & Privacy Films

Security film is a layered polyester sandwiched together in varying thickness to create a single Sheet of film. This film is then applied to the window to help prevent glass sharding in the event of breakage due to mother nature or vandalism.

What the film does is hold the glass together on severe impact & delay entry into a space by would be vandals or thieves. The amount of protection or delayed entry will depend on the thickness of the Film selected & how it is adhered to the glass & or window frame.

Security film can be either clear or tinted. Either will perform equally & will also offer UV protection from the sun so as not to damage any interior furnishings by fading. The solar tint version will also help with energy & glare reduction into the space.

Security films come in two or three different thicknesses. Most start with a 4 mill thick version for Light duty impact & short term delayed entry (maybe a minute or so). We then move to a 7 or 8 mill Thick version which is kind of the standard for retail storefront windows. This thickness offers 2-3 Minutes delayed entry & can be enhanced with glazing that would extend the time-frame to 4-5 minutes delayed entry. Finally, there is an 11mil version for extreme penetration prevention & delayed entry; we generally only utilize this where high valuables with easy exposure are situated. Again, this 

Film is normally glazed onto the glass and frame for added strength.

​For additional information, just give us a call. We are happy to make a recommendation that fits your

Needs. Please check out our website video for a quick look at how security films work.

Security Film, a Case Study

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Vista & LLumar Window Films offer 99.9% UVA Protection