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When Do I Need Security Film

As a homeowner, most of us do not require security film unless we have large glass entryways into our home that could be penetrated by a would be thief or vandal. Security films are utilized primarily by business such as bank, jewelry stores, rest & other service providers that have cash on hand, or valuable merchandise that present targets for would be thieves.

Another application for security films are found in public spaces, such as schools, churches, & event gathering spaces. These spaces generally host large gatherings of people who could be targets for violent acts by deranged people. Schools have varying applications ranging from privacy to delayed entry that can benefit from the use of security & privacy films.

Security films are available in clear & tinted versions. Most schools will select from the clear variety In order to enhance classroom visibility while offering glass sharding protection where tempered glass is not installed. Entry & Exit doors generally utilize a thicker delayed entry version. Tinted films can Be utilized when a facility wants both security & solar (heat-glare) protection. Tinted films also Provide 99.9% UV protection for interior furnishings & flooring.

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