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Film Pricing

Ever wonder why residential or commercial window tinted films in Omaha are priced differently from various dealers. The age old answer “you get what you pay for” really applies here. The lesser expensive films are dyed films; meaning the film itself is run through a dye bath to get its tint. This process does not offer good quality control. Many of these residential or commercial window tint films will have uneven film color, and will offer blurred visibility when looking through your window. Stay away from these types of films that often sell in the $5.00-$6.00 p/sqft range.

Next up, is a better quality of film that uses what called in the industry “sputter technology”. These Residential and commercial window tinted films utilize finely crushed metallurgy sandwiched between Film layers to provide their UV (heat) and glare control. These films are very effective & generally offer good value for the money. Most carry 10-15 year warranties. However, there can be differences. Some Manufacturers use less metallurgy than others. What happens with these lesser quality films? They Loose their UV protective properties after 4-5 yrs, instead of providing the 10-15 years normal life cycle. These types of residential and commercial window tinted films will be a couple bucks per sqft less Than the fully “sputtered films” that do provide the full 15 years of UV protection.

One of the latest films styles is ceramic films. These residential and commercial window tinted films use and “infrared” technology to prevent the heat (UV) and glare control. They are some of the highest quality films on the market, but also are about double the price of regular “sputtered film” technology. The ceramic films offer extreme clarity of view when on the windows.

Finally, Eastman Films, offers a true year round energy saving film, called Enerlogic Film, that combines and additional layer of insulating film into an infrared constructed film to provide energy savings in both winter and summer conditions. This film also carry’s a premium over standard films, but can offer a payback in as little as 3-5 years. It is the highest energy saving film on the market. Please review the Enelogic window tinting videos on our website.​​