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Making an Informed Decision

  • Have you ever called an Omaha residential or commercial window tinting dealer out to present his filming options for your windows. If so, you’ll find most residential and or commercial window tinting dealers will jump right into a particular film or two that they recommend. But, is that the wisest coarse of action? No, its not. Reason being is that not all films are compatible with all glass styles.In order to know what residential or commercial tinted films to recommend to a client, you must assess their glass composition. How Do we do that? You need a glass analyzer that

  • Not all window film, window tint, solar film and decorative window film installers are alike. Here at Mid-States performance window films we take care to ensure that our residential and commercial installers are factory trained and certified in installing all window films from the premier manufacturers of  LLumar/Vista including Enerlogic. Our installers will take great care to treat our customers and their homes with a great deal of professionalism and respect. Various window films use different adhesion techniques to ensure a clean bubble free installation, some require a mild detergent solution for best results, while others require a more viscous

  • If you want to increase the curb appeal of your business and add some additional protection, commercial window tinting in Omaha is a service you want to consider. Like residential window tinting in Omaha, this is a way to help reduce energy costs, protect against ultraviolet light damage, reduce glare and even enhance security. The most important part of the process is knowing how to choose the best film so that your business reaps the full benefits. Explore Film Performance Window films perform in a number of ways and different options for commercial window tinting in Omaha serve certain purposes.